So, we have designed a material that has the following properties:

  1. Bulletpossibly a high strength, because it is made from something about 50 times stronger than steel (although the final product is probably not 50 times stronger than steel)

  2. Bulletextremely low weight or mass - full of holes within holes

  3. Bulletas a consequence of very low mass, has very low raw material requirements ("a little bit goes a long way")

  4. Bulletcan be constructed into nearly any shape, extremely accurately

  5. Bullethas a long useful life with very little wear or degradation in a large range of conditions (except for the possible flammable issue, which can be prevented)

  6. Bulletis made entirely of carbon atoms formed into a single large-scale molecule

  7. Bulletwill be cheap to produce (minimal labor cost, and the raw material is plentiful)

  8. Bullethas all surface atoms and no internal atoms, which is extremely unusual, and possibly very useful

  1. BulletBasic Buckymesh: nanojacks in a diamond configuration, with an emphasis on the strength aspect

  2. BulletFractal Buckymesh: nanojacks formed into super-nanojacks formed into super-super-nanojacks etc, with an emphasis on the low mass aspect

It comes in two main versions:

So, assuming its absolute strength doesn't turn out to be that of Jell-O, what do you think? Is this a good idea, or what?

Note that even though all of the claims above are in the present tense, this material cannot yet be made, and may be several or many years before it can.

And multiple derivative versions:

  1. BulletHybrid Buckymesh: Fractal Buckymesh up to a specific scale, then Basic above that, a tunable trade-off between strength and mass

  2. BulletUltralight Buckymesh: several lighter versions of either of Basic or Fractal, or even of Hybrid, providing more options and choice of strength vs mass

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