Frequently Asked Questions - 4


You make this sound like a big deal when it really is quite simple and obvious. Anyone could have done it.

  1. Yes it is simple. The final product has no moving parts, no chemical reactions, no energy transfers, uses only a single element, and seems pretty obvious. But then, most things seem obvious in hindsight.

Why does most of this site sound as if it has been written for children? Are you trying to insult my intelligence?

  1. The original version of this site used somewhat more technical language and assumed a knowledge of basic chemistry. I showed it to several people who suggested I make it easier to read so that more people would read it. Sounded fair so I did.

How did you get interested in this?

  1. Just as a hobby from reading lots of Nanotechnology related material. I have no commercial or otherwise financial involvement with Nanotechnology or any firms researching Nanotechnology. See also Modification History.

Can I use buckymesh? Can I copy the images? Do I have to pay you?

  1. Yes, you can. This design is licensed under a Creative Commons License  (free for non-commercial use with attribution (please link to me); ask me about other uses). The image to the right links to a US version of the license, but is meant to apply to any and all countries.

Don't you have anything better to do?

  1. What, like watch television perhaps? Or maybe surf the net?

  2. Actually I do watch some television, and surf the net, and have a family (a lovely wife plus two beautiful children) and other hobbies and interests (e.g. I’m half way to a black belt in Karate, or more accurately, Tae-Kwon-Do). Actually much of this design work was done on the train. Another plus for public transport. (Obviously, not this particular 'public' transport)

Does this site ever finish? It seems like it is going on forever!

  1. Yes, it does, doesn't it. I apologize for taking up so much of your time, but I had lots of material (pun intended) to get through. George Bernard Shaw, the acclaimed playwright, in writing a letter to a friend, remarked, "Please excuse the length of my letter; if I had more time it would be shorter." I don't have the excuse of lack of time. I'm just verbose.

  1. But in one sense you are right, this is one of the simplest of many designs which people are creating in the field of nanotechnology. For example, see this Fine-Motion Controller, designed by Eric Drexler (and Ralph Merkle?).