Quick Summary

Ok, let’s leave out lots of details, and summarize the whole site in one page.

I have designed a material, made purely of carbon atoms, arranged as lots of very short thin nanotubes arranged together in the same way as are the bonds between the atoms of diamond. And joined by a specially designed 4-way tetrahedral connector that I call a nanojack, which looks something like this:

Here is what Fractal Buckymesh looks like (indefinitely extensible, but fractally):

Here are some of its properties: very low weight, high strength, ductile (not brittle), can withstand high temperatures, recyclable, probably highly conductive, with 100% surface atoms.

Here are some of its uses: skyscrapers, airplanes, spacecraft, cars, and bridges. Also as an ultracapacitor, fuel cell, dirigible, and body armor.

The rest of this site explains in straightforward terms the design of Buckymesh in more detail, and its properties, uses, configurations, and variations.

Oh, and has lots of pics along the way, like this cool T. rex called Tiny. And other molecules and stuff.

This material is strong, because its made of nanotubes, which are about 50 times stronger than steel. It is also incredibly light. It comes in two main versions, Basic Buckymesh, extremely strong and about 6 times lighter than diamond. And Fractal Buckymesh, not as strong but much lighter than air (by several orders of magnitude), with a much higher strength to weight ratio.

Here is what Basic Buckymesh looks like (indefinitely extensible in all directions):