Think about how strong and how heavy things are.

  1. BulletSome things are very strong but also very heavy, such as steel.

  2. BulletSome things are very light but relatively weak, such as polystyrene foam.



Why is it called “Buckymesh”? Because it is a precisely arranged 3D mesh of buckytubes (also called nanotubes).

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Imagine if you could make something that is both very strong and very light. Far stronger and lighter than any of the materials that have been produced in the last few decades, such as aluminum, kevlar, carbon-fiber composites, aerogel, or even natural materials like spider dragline silk. In fact as strong and light as possible.

This site attempts to do just that:

  1. BulletDesign, to atomic precision, a useful material with the highest possible strength-to-weight ratio, something stronger than steel and lighter than polystyrene foam.

An example of how light this material is: a “solid” cylinder 54 feet long and 43 feet wide would weigh less than half an ounce. With a density less than that of air.

What are people saying about Buckymesh?   It seems they like it:

Very cool”, “Amazing”, “I want some!”, “Buckymesh is AWESOME”.

What are some other people saying  about it?   Not so convinced:

Wait a few decades”,                         “Talks like a salesman

An amazing high strength low weight material.

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