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Modification History

Original version (threw the site together last weekend)

September 7th 2002

Three weeks after launch I get my first e-mail. Some induhvidual has finally read it. They point out four speling mistakes...

October 3rd

Two weeks later the site gets slash-dotted. A bunch of comments by slashdot readers are made, including

"Imagine a beowulf cluster of these!"

"I can't see this ever amounting to much."

"You call this news?! My girlfriend's ex-boyfriend told me about this last week, just before I smashed his face into a beowulf cluster!"

October 17th

Get a call from Ralph Merkle saying he had already discussed this in detail with Eric over six months ago, but hadn't thought it was worth publishing.

November 1st

Finally realize my entire approach is wrong, and that I should have used diamond rather than nanotubes, since they are too wobbly. Oh well...

December 25th

Lose interest in the whole subject and take up bungie jumping.

January 11th

Someone gives me a car sized descendant of Buckymesh (version 3.14.16), but calls it a Xoxx, and it shrinks and changes shape in my hands until it becomes a ring around my finger. They tell me it is voice activated and can change into any shape I want.

Yeah, right :-P

March 22nd 2025

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