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Real Modification History

Rename site from to Michael Annissimov approves.

June 10th 2009

April 26th

Finally add Google Analytics to site. Don't know why I didn't do this ages ago.

April 23rd

Add link to, a site focusing on the architectural implications of nanotechnology.

December 8th 2007

Add several updates to various pages on the site, mainly to clarify certain points, especially with regard to the absolute strength of Buckymesh, and aromatic bonds versus single and double bonds. Add link to Nanorex.

February 5th 2006

Original Version.   I work on it on and off for over four years, and seriously for the last few months. (I found one of my original concept documents titled Fractal Bucky Tube with a last modified date of 25th July 1998, which means I probably thought of the idea around February.)

If you think the design looked fairly straight-forward and easy, then I achieved my goal. In reality it took hundreds of hours in my spare time, lots of dead-ends and backtracking to get the design just right (I'm a bit slow you see). Now I dream in 3D.

September 7th 2002

After a downtime of several weeks, the site is back up. More hosting company incompetency, so I change to

January 8th

The site is down for a few days since my web hosting company change the contract without telling me, and disable the site. Arrange new contract.

September 7th 2004

Quite a few comments from others, including, but not limited to, those on the sci.nanotech newsgroup.

  1. BulletSome think that the bond angles in the double-walled version add too much stress into the material, and that it will not be stable in that configuration. (so remove double-walled version)

  2. BulletNo-one thinks that the overall design is not feasible, and many think it is very interesting.

  3. BulletThe concept of using it for lighter-than-air machines was raised.

  4. BulletWater vapor could be an issue and cause Buckymesh to act like a sponge, making it very heavy. It would need an air-tight surface to prevent this.

  5. BulletAlso, an air-tight seal would prevent the material being highly flammable. Alternatively, it could be redesigned using sapphire (aluminum oxide), which is non-flammable.

  6. BulletSee some interesting comments by Aaron F Stanton, including a suggestion to fill the gaps between the nanotubes with nitrogen gas.

  7. BulletSee Diamondoid analog machinery for a related lattice, including the concept of two identical interpenetrating lattices.

  8. BulletSee the relevant threads in sci.nanotech (back when it was called nanoDiamond).

2002 - 2004

This site,, is dedicated to my daughter, Charlotte, on her sixth birthday. Live long and prosper.

Add link to Wilton Massage. I was a swedish masseur in Fairfield County in Connecticut.

June 7th 2008

Create a few more Buckymesh site title images, and a logo, just for variety. Add some more effects with Pixelmator filters.

October 11th 2009

Create Buckymesh site title image using Inkscape (scalable vector graphics)

August 30th 2009

Change the site font from Comic Sans to Trebuchet, to prevent anyone else in the design community from being up in arms and frothing at the mouth. :-P

December 27th 2009

Added a site comment system to the front page, so people can say what they like and don’t like about Buckymesh.

January 11th 2010

Added a quick summary for people with short attention spans, linked to from the introduction page.

January 24th 2010

Added link to proof that graphene is 200 times stronger than steel. Nanotubes are just tightly wrapped graphene.

April 11th 2011