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  1. The previous title was nanoDiamond - short for "Nanotubes in a fractal configuration of Diamond". Before that I called them Massive Molecules, even though they are not very massive at all (they are massive as in large, but not massive as in “has lots of mass”).

  2. I could have called them Functional Fractals, or Astonishing Aggregations, or Big Beams, or even Super-Structures. But I didn't. Aren't you glad?

  1. C1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 - one thousand million, million, million - the number of atoms in something about the size of a person made from this material. It's a very exact number. (For the humor impaired, this is sarcasm. The actual number is just approximately this size, and depends on lots of factors.)

  2. By the way, this sounds like a big number, but is actually quite small. For example, the human body contains approximately 7 million times more atoms. As you can see, an atom is pretty small.

  1. The title images (at the top of every page on this site) were made using the free, open-source, powerful scalable vector graphics program, Inkscape, available on all operating systems. The same program was also used to clip or mask away the background on several images on this site (to remove the rectangle shaped border most pictures have).