Start with a standard (C60) buckyball.

Previous Design

Cut the buckyball in half, move the two halves apart, and add a medium length standard nanotube between them:

To join nanotubes together, you can use shallow and deep saddle shaped sections like these:

You can imagine using this as a strut in some sort of framework. (Shorter nanotubes would be fairly stiff, and longer ones would be a bit wobbly.)

For the technically minded, the molecule in this previous design is based on metallic single-walled standard nanotubes of the zigzag type i.e.(n,m) = (9,0).
(See Equilibrium Structure
here for an explanation of the various types of nanotubes).

From the top, they look like this:

Previous Design  - Components

Notice how most of the carbon atoms join into groups of 6 (in the shape of a hexagon), but two on either side of the center are in groups of 7 (in the shape of a heptagon). And on the right saddle, two above and below the center are also in groups of 7. This warps the normally flat graphene sheet and produces the saddle shapes.

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